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The trees in Park Avenue Wakefield WF1 in full bloom

Tree removal service in Morley, Leeds. Tree services include tree removal, stump removal, trimming, pruning,and professional tree care. Our professional tree services cost and prices are competitive.

Tree Services Morley Leeds

If you are like a number of people in Morley then you will have either one or a number of trees in your garden. Trees just like the plants in your garden need looking after or they can not only become unsightly but they can also become dangerous.

When you see professional tree surgeon performing tree pruning and trimming services they make it seem easy, but there is lot more to maintaining your tree than just cutting and trimming a few branches here and there. While you can do some tasks with your pruners and a saw, most of the jobs are best left to qualified and experienced tree surgeons.

Dismantling a tree in Farsley Leeds LS28The terms trimming and pruning are often interchangeably used to denote cutting trees, but for clarification, trimming is for grooming the tree, whereas pruning has to do with the tree’s health, as well as the safety of people and structures near the tree. Correct pruning and trimming has to do with what portions to cut, how much, and when to do it.

Our Morley tree surgeons team can play an important role in every area of your garden. They can not only advise you on the best practices to maintain the health and beauty of your trees but they can also diagnose and treat any illness your tree might sustain and also advise you on the best pest control methods for your situation. We also deal with the tree roots, soil maintenance and provide a 24 hour emergency tree removal service for if you think your tree has been badly damaged in a storm. Before going down the tree felling and tree removal route one of our tree surgeons will first check the tree for any splits, cracked limbs and any other storm damage. If it is possible we will repair the tree and remove any broken or cracked limbs to make the tree safe again. If he tree has fallen or is irreparable then we will safely remove the tree for you.

So whether you are looking at trimming a few branches from your tree, want your tree checked for diseases or storm damage, an entire tree removed, a stump ground down or removed or just some advise on how to best maintain your trees then call one of our Morley tree surgery team today.

What Do Tree Surgeons Morley Do?

Our tree surgery team can help you to handle all sorts of different things in your garden. They can give you advice on how to take care of your trees and the plants around them in many ways. Here are a just a few of the different things that our tree service can do for your garden.

  • Planting Trees
  • Mulching Services
  • Stump Grinding
  • Tree Felling
  • Tree Removal
  • Tree Health Assessment
  • Tree Planting Tips
  • Tree Maintenance Guide
  • Tree Health Problems
  • Tree Pruning
  • Tree Care Information
  • Prune Fruit Trees
  • Tree Maintenance Plan
  • Stump Removal

Planting Trees

If you are thinking of planting a tree in your garden then a tree surgeon would initially give you advice on the best type of tree for you to buy and the best area of your garden to plant the tree in. We can then will work to prepare the area the tree is going to be planted in by handling such things as the types of mulch and dirt preparation areas for the tree. This is important because the first few days of when a tree has been re-planted is one of the most important times of the tree’s life.

Mulching Services

Our tree surgery team can also advise you and help you with the correct type and amount of mulch required to keep your garden in tip top condition. We will deliver the mulch to your home and lay it for you. Mulch is ideal to be used around a tree to support its growth and stability.

Stump Grinding or Removal

If you have an old sump in your garden that has started to decay or is infested with bugs then we can remove the stump and treat the area if required. Depending on the size of the stump and the roots that are attached to it our tree surgeon will decide on whether to actually remove the stump completely or whether to grind the stump. In stump grinding your tree stump will be ground right down so that it is well below the surface of ur garden enabling you to develop any type of landscaping projects in that area.

dismantled tree being moved by crane Farsley LS28 Leeds

Tree Felling And Tree Removal

Tree felling and tree removal is the main type of task that our Morley tree surgeons are called upon to perform. If you have a dead or decaying tree or a tree that has been damaged in a storm then there is a danger that limbs may fall off or the entire tree may fall down. Limbs breaking off or the tree falling down could severely injure somebody or damage property and cars. We can safely remove the tree for you.  Depending on the size of the tree and the area it is in we might be able to fell the tree in one piece or we might have to dismantle the tree and remove it in pieces. We will also remove the stump.

For more information on what our tree service Morley can do for you feel free to get in touch with one of our team.

Tree Surgeon Frequently Asked Questions

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We cover the whole of Morley including Dartmouth Park, Dewsbury Road,  Elland Road, New Brighton, Daisy Hill, Hembrigg Park Churwell, and Bruntcliffe

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LS27 7RH, LS27 7RJ, LS27 7RL, LS27 7RN, LS27 7RP, LS27 7RQ, LS27 7RR, LS27 7RS, LS27 7RT, LS27 7RU, LS27 7RW, LS27 7RY, LS27 7RZ, LS27 7SA, LS27 7SB, LS27 7SD, LS27 7SE, LS27 7SF, LS27 7SG, LS27 7SH, LS27 7SJ, LS27 7SL, LS27 7SN, LS27 7SP, LS27 7SQ, LS27 7SR, LS27 7SS, LS27 7ST, LS27 7SU, LS27 7SW, LS27 7SX, LS27 7SY, LS27 7SZ, LS27 7TA, LS27 7TB, LS27 7TE, LS27 7TF, LS27 7TG, LS27 7TJ, LS27 7TP, LS27 7TQ, LS27 7TR, LS27 7TS, LS27 7TT, LS27 7TU, LS27 7TX, LS27 7TY, LS27 7TZ, LS27 7UA, LS27 7UE, LS27 7UH, LS27 7UJ, LS27 7UL, LS27 7UN, LS27 7UP, LS27 7UQ, LS27 7UR, LS27 7US, LS27 7UT, LS27 7UU, LS27 7UW, LS27 7UX, LS27 7UY, LS27 7UZ, LS27 7WA, LS27 7WB, LS27 7WD, LS27 7WE, LS27 7WF, LS27 7WL, LS27 7WN, LS27 7WP, LS27 7WQ, LS27 7YH, LS27 7YJ, LS27 7YL, LS27 7YN, LS27 7YQ, LS27 8BD, LS27 8DL, LS27 8DN, LS27 8EH, LS27 8EN, LS27 8EW, LS27 8EZ, LS27 8FA, LS27 8FB, LS27 8JP, LS27 8JR, LS27 8LJ, LS27 8LL, LS27 8LN, LS27 8LP, LS27 8LR, LS27 8LS, LS27 8LT, LS27 8LU, LS27 8LW, LS27 8LX, LS27 8LY, LS27 8NA, LS27 8NB, LS27 8NE, LS27 8NF, LS27 8NG, LS27 8NH, LS27 8NJ, LS27 8NL, LS27 8NN, LS27 8NP, LS27 8NQ, LS27 8NR, LS27 8NS, LS27 8NT, LS27 8NU, LS27 8NW, LS27 8NX, LS27 8NY, LS27 8NZ, LS27 8PA, LS27 8PB, LS27 8PD, LS27 8PT, LS27 8PU, LS27 8QT, LS27 8TA, LS27 8TP, LS27 8TZ, LS27 8UA, LS27 8UB, LS27 8UD, LS27 9AB, LS27 9AH, LS27 9BJ, LS27 9DH, LS27 9DP, LS27 9DQ, LS27 9DS, LS27 9DW, LS27 9DX, LS27 9EJ, LS27 9EQ, LS27 9FE, LS27 9HP, LS27 9HR, LS27 9HT, LS27 9HU, LS27 9HW, LS27 9HX, LS27 9HY, LS27 9HZ, LS27 9JA, LS27 9JB, LS27 9JD, LS27 9JF, LS27 9JG, LS27 9JH, LS27 9JJ, LS27 9JL, LS27 9JN, LS27 9JQ, LS27 9JR, LS27 9JW, LS27 9JY, LS27 9LB, LS27 9LL, LS27 9LN, LS27 9LR, LS27 9LW, LS27 9ND, LS27 9NJ, LS27 9NL, LS27 9NN, LS27 9NP, LS27 9NR, LS27 9NS, LS27 9NT, LS27 9NU, LS27 9NW, LS27 9NX, LS27 9NY, LS27 9NZ, LS27 9PA, LS27 9PB, LS27 9PD, LS27 9PE, LS27 9PF, LS27 9PG, LS27 9PH, LS27 9PJ, LS27 9PL, LS27 9PN, LS27 9PP, LS27 9PQ, LS27 9PR, LS27 9PS, LS27 9PU, LS27 9PW, LS27 9PX, LS27 9PY, LS27 9PZ, LS27 9QA, LS27 9QB, LS27 9QD, LS27 9QE, LS27 9QF, LS27 9QG, LS27 9QH, LS27 9QJ, LS27 9QL, LS27 9QN, LS27 9QP, LS27 9QQ, LS27 9QS, LS27 9QT, LS27 9QU, LS27 9QW, LS27 9QX, LS27 9QY, LS27 9QZ, LS27 9RA, LS27 9RB, LS27 9RD, LS27 9RF, LS27 9RG, LS27 9RN, LS27 9RP, LS27 9RR, LS27 9RW, LS27 9RX, LS27 9RY, LS27 9RZ, LS27 9SA, LS27 9SB, LS27 9SD, LS27 9SE, LS27 9SF, LS27 9SG, LS27 9SH, LS27 9SJ, LS27 9SQ, LS27 9TA, LS27 9TB, LS27 9TD, LS27 9TE, LS27 9TF, LS27 9TG, LS27 9TH, LS27 9TJ, LS27 9TL, LS27 9TN, LS27 9TP, LS27 9TQ, LS27 0AA, LS27 0AB, LS27 0AE, LS27 0AF, LS27 0AG, LS27 0AH, LS27 0AJ, LS27 0AL, LS27 0AN, LS27 0AP, LS27 0AQ, LS27 0AR, LS27 0AT, LS27 0AU, LS27 0AW, LS27 0AX, LS27 0AZ, LS27 0BA, LS27 0BB, LS27 0BD, LS27 0BE, LS27 0BF, LS27 0BG, LS27 0BH, LS27 0BJ, LS27 0BL, LS27 0BN, LS27 0BP, LS27 0BQ, LS27 0BR, LS27 0BU, LS27 0BW, LS27 0BX, LS27 0BY, LS27 0BZ, LS27 0DA, LS27 0DB, LS27 0DD, LS27 0DE, LS27 0DF, LS27 0DG, LS27 0DH, LS27 0DJ, LS27 0DL, LS27 0DN, LS27 0DP, LS27 0DQ, LS27 0DR, LS27 0DS, LS27 0DT, LS27 0DU, LS27 0DW, LS27 0DX, LS27 0DY, LS27 0DZ, LS27 0EA, LS27 0EB, LS27 0ED, LS27 0EE, LS27 0EF, LS27 0EG, LS27 0EH, LS27 0EJ, LS27 0EL, LS27 0EN, LS27 0EP, LS27 0EQ, LS27 0ER, LS27 0ES, LS27 0ET, LS27 0EU, LS27 0EW, LS27 0EX, LS27 0EY, LS27 0EZ, LS27 0FA, LS27 0FB, LS27 0FD, LS27 0FF, LS27 0FG, LS27 0FH, LS27 0FJ, LS27 0FL, LS27 0FP, LS27 0FR, LS27 0FS, LS27 0FU, LS27 0HA, LS27 0HB, LS27 0HE, LS27 0HF, LS27 0HG, LS27 0HH, LS27 0HL, LS27 0HP, LS27 0HR, LS27 0HS, LS27 0HT, LS27 0HU, LS27 0HW, LS27 0HX, LS27 0HY, LS27 0HZ, LS27 0JA, LS27 0JD, LS27 0JE, LS27 0JF, LS27 0JG, LS27 0JH, LS27 0JJ, LS27 0JL, LS27 0JN, LS27 0JP, LS27 0JR, LS27 0JS, LS27 0JT, LS27 0JU, LS27 0JW, LS27 0JX, LS27 0JY, LS27 0JZ, LS27 0LA, LS27 0LB, LS27 0LE, LS27 0LF, LS27 0LG, LS27 0LH, LS27 0LJ, LS27 0LN, LS27 0LP, LS27 0LQ, LS27 0LR, LS27 0LS, LS27 0LU, LS27 0LW, LS27 0LX, LS27 0LY, LS27 0LZ, LS27 0NA, LS27 0NB, LS27 0NE, LS27 0NF, LS27 0NG, LS27 0NJ, LS27 0NP, LS27 0NQ, LS27 0NR, LS27 0NS, LS27 0NT, LS27 0NU, LS27 0NW, LS27 0NX, LS27 0NY, LS27 0NZ, LS27 0PA, LS27 0PD, LS27 0PE, LS27 0PF, LS27 0PG, LS27 0PH, LS27 0PJ, LS27 0PL, LS27 0PN, LS27 0PP, LS27 0PQ, LS27 0PR, LS27 0PS, LS27 0PT, LS27 0PU, LS27 0PW, LS27 0PX, LS27 0PY, LS27 0QA, LS27 0QB, LS27 0QD, LS27 0QE, LS27 0QF, LS27 0QG, LS27 0QH, LS27 0QL, LS27 0QP, LS27 0QQ, LS27 0QS, LS27 0QU, LS27 0QW, LS27 0QX, LS27 0QY, LS27 0QZ, LS27 0RA, LS27 0RB, LS27 0RD, LS27 0RE, LS27 0RF, LS27 0RG, LS27 0RH, LS27 0RJ, LS27 0RL, LS27 0RN, LS27 0RP, LS27 0RQ, LS27 0RR, LS27 0RS, LS27 0RT, LS27 0RU, LS27 0RW, LS27 0RX, LS27 0RY, LS27 0SA, LS27 0SB, LS27 0SD, LS27 0SE, LS27 0SF, LS27 0SG, LS27 0SH, LS27 0SN, LS27 0SP, LS27 0SQ, LS27 0ST, LS27 0SU, LS27 0SW, LS27 0TB, LS27 0TE, LS27 0TF, LS27 0TS, LS27 0UA, LS27 0UB, LS27 0UD, LS27 0WH, LS27 0WJ, LS27 0XD, LS27 0YD, LS27 1AB, LS27 1AD, LS27 1BF, LS27 1BN, LS27 1BZ, LS27 1DA, LS27 1DD, LS27 1DN, LS27 1DZ, LS27 1EN, LS27 1ES, LS27 1ET, LS27 1EY, LS27 1FA, LS27 1FB, LS27 7ZR, LS27 7ZS, LS27 7ZT, LS27 8AA, LS27 8AB, LS27 8AE, LS27 8AF, LS27 8AG, LS27 8AH, LS27 8AJ, LS27 8AL, LS27 8AN, LS27 8AP, LS27 8AQ, LS27 8AR, LS27 8AS, LS27 8AT, LS27 8AU, LS27 8AW, LS27 8AX, LS27 8AZ, LS27 8BE, LS27 8BF, LS27 8BG, LS27 8BH, LS27 8BJ, LS27 8BL, LS27 8BN, LS27 8BP, LS27 8BQ, LS27 8BR, LS27 8BS, LS27 8BT, LS27 8BU, LS27 8BW, LS27 8BX, LS27 8BY, LS27 8BZ, LS27 8DA, LS27 8DB, LS27 8DD, LS27 8DE, LS27 8DF, LS27 8DG, LS27 8DH, LS27 8DJ, LS27 8DP, LS27 8DQ, LS27 8DR, LS27 8DS, LS27 8DT, LS27 8DW, LS27 8DX, LS27 8DY, LS27 8EB, LS27 8EE, LS27 8EF, LS27 8EG, LS27 8EP, LS27 8EQ, LS27 8ER, LS27 8ET, LS27 8EU, LS27 8EX, LS27 8EY, LS27 8FD, LS27 8FE, LS27 8FZ, LS27 8GA, LS27 8GB, LS27 8GE, LS27 8GF, LS27 8GG, LS27 8GH, LS27 8GL, LS27 8GN, LS27 8GP, LS27 8GQ, LS27 8GR, LS27 8GS, LS27 8GT, LS27 8GU, LS27 8GW, LS27 8GX, LS27 8GY, LS27 8GZ, LS27 8HA, LS27 8HB, LS27 8HD, LS27 8HE, LS27 8HG, LS27 8HH, LS27 8HL, LS27 8HN, LS27 8HP, LS27 8HR, LS27 8HS, LS27 8HT, LS27 8HU, LS27 8HW, LS27 8HX, LS27 8HY, LS27 8HZ, LS27 8JA, LS27 8JB, LS27 8JD, LS27 8JE, LS27 8JF, LS27 8JG, LS27 8JH, LS27 8JJ, LS27 8JN, LS27 8JT, LS27 8JU, LS27 8JW, LS27 8JX, LS27 8JY, LS27 8JZ, LS27 8LA, LS27 8LB, LS27 8LD, LS27 8LE, LS27 8LG, LS27 8LH, LS27 8LQ, LS27 8LZ, LS27 8PE, LS27 8PG, LS27 8PJ, LS27 8PL, LS27 8PQ, LS27 8PW, LS27 8PX, LS27 8PZ, LS27 8QA, LS27 8QB, LS27 8QE, LS27 8QG, LS27 8QH, LS27 8QJ, LS27 8QL, LS27 8QN, LS27 8QP, LS27 8QQ, LS27 8QR, LS27 8QS, LS27 8QU, LS27 8QW, LS27 8QX, LS27 8QY, LS27 8QZ, LS27 8RA, LS27 8RB, LS27 8RD, LS27 8RE, LS27 8RF, LS27 8RG, LS27 8RH, LS27 8RJ, LS27 8RL, LS27 8RN, LS27 8RP, LS27 8RQ, LS27 8RR, LS27 8RS, LS27 8RT, LS27 8RU, LS27 8RW, LS27 8RX, LS27 8RY, LS27 8RZ, LS27 8SA, LS27 8SB, LS27 8SD, LS27 8SE, LS27 8SF, LS27 8SG, LS27 8SH, LS27 8SJ, LS27 8SL, LS27 8SN, LS27 8SP, LS27 8SQ, LS27 8SR, LS27 8SS, LS27 8ST, LS27 8SU, LS27 8SW, LS27 8SX, LS27 8SY, LS27 8SZ, LS27 8TB, LS27 8TD, LS27 8TE, LS27 8TF, LS27 8TG, LS27 8TJ, LS27 8TS, LS27 8TT, LS27 8TU, LS27 8TX, LS27 8TY, LS27 8UE, LS27 8UG, LS27 8UH, LS27 8UJ, LS27 8UL, LS27 8UP, LS27 8UR, LS27 8US, LS27 8UT, LS27 8UU, LS27 8UW, LS27 8UX, LS27 8UY, LS27 8UZ, LS27 8WA, LS27 8WB, LS27 8WD, LS27 8WE, LS27 8WF, LS27 8WG, LS27 8WH, LS27 8WJ, LS27 8WL, LS27 8WN, LS27 8WP, LS27 8WQ, LS27 8WR, LS27 8WT, LS27 8XR, LS27 8YL, LS27 8YX, LS27 8ZE, LS27 9AA, LS27 9AD, LS27 9AE, LS27 9AF, LS27 9AG, LS27 9AL, LS27 9AN, LS27 9AP, LS27 9AQ, LS27 9AR, LS27 9AT, LS27 9AU, LS27 9AW, LS27 9AY, LS27 9AZ, LS27 9BA, LS27 9BB, LS27 9BD, LS27 9BE, LS27 9BF, LS27 9BG, LS27 9BH, LS27 9BL, LS27 9BN, LS27 9BP, LS27 9BQ, LS27 9BR, LS27 9BT, LS27 9BU, LS27 9BX, LS27 9DA, LS27 9DD, LS27 9DE, LS27 9DF, LS27 9DG, LS27 9DJ, LS27 9DL, LS27 9DN, LS27 9DR, LS27 9DT, LS27 9DU, LS27 9DY, LS27 9DZ, LS27 9EA, LS27 9EB, LS27 9ED, LS27 9EE, LS27 9EF, LS27 9EG, LS27 9EH, LS27 9EN, LS27 9EP, LS27 9ER, LS27 9ES, LS27 9ET, LS27 9EU, LS27 9EW, LS27 9EY, LS27 9EZ, LS27 9FA, LS27 9FB, LS27 9FD, LS27 9FF, LS27 9HB, LS27 9HD, LS27 9HE, LS27 9HF, LS27 9HG, LS27 9HH, LS27 9HJ, LS27 9HL, LS27 9HQ, LS27 9HS, LS27 9JP, LS27 9JS, LS27 9JT, LS27 9JU, LS27 9JX, LS27 9JZ, LS27 9LA, LS27 9LD, LS27 9LE, LS27 9LF, LS27 9LG, LS27 9LH, LS27 9LJ, LS27 9LP, LS27 9LQ, LS27 9LS, LS27 9LT, LS27 9LU, LS27 9LX, LS27 9LY, LS27 9LZ, LS27 9NA, LS27 9NB, LS27 9NF, LS27 9NG, LS27 9NH, LS27 9NQ, LS27 9RE, LS27 9SL, LS27 9SY, LS27 9SZ,

Area code 0113.

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Most Important Tree Trimming Services For The Home

Trees can increase your property's value. In fact, properties surrounded by trees sell for 18-25% higher than those without trees. But aside from that, trees planted around buildings can actually cut air-conditioning costs by up to 50%. They can also generate jobs as well as contribute raw materials for buildings, books, newspapers and more than 15,000 other forest products.

Trees likewise provide shelter and food for wildlife like squirrel, bugs and birds while groves of trees will provide cover and food for larger mammals like deer and raccoons. Aside from that, hospital patients who have a view of trees often heal faster, leave the hospital sooner and use fewer pain medications as compared to those with a view of brick walls. Workers also become more productive when they see trees along their routes and from their office windows.

Indeed, planting trees can enhance your home landscape. Be reminded though that choosing the wrong tree can cause major headaches. Experts shared of the species to avoid.

Species To Avoid When Planting A Tree In Your Yard

Black Walnut - This is often grown for its edible nuts and shade; however its roots, buds and nut hull release a significant level of juglone, which is a chemical that will rob sensitive plants of require energy. If you plant garden vegetables like asparagus, eggplant, potatoes, peppers, tomatoes, and rhubarb near this tree, they will be prone to wilting and death. It can also affect other plants like pine, apple and pear trees, blackberry and raspberry bushes, and petunias and lilies.

Bradford Pear - This is very sensitive to leaf scorch and fire blight. The biggest problem with this is branch splitting because they have a v-shaped crotch. It splits in half, most especially during severe weather conditions.

Ash - This is the target of a beetle known as the emerald ash borer or EAB. Though nibbling by mature EAB will hurt foliage, the worst damage often comes from its larvae that feed on inner bark. Hence, water and nutrient transport is disrupted. Leaf loss, heavy woodpecker activity, split bark and water sprouts are the signs of EAB infestation.

Ginkgo - This is also known as biloba, a tree that can reach 115 feet tall and are among the famous residential trees because they are very durable. Problem might arise in late fall if female trees will produce a putrid-smelling fruit that will stick to shoes and can be tracked indoors.

Sweetgum - Though this is beautiful during fall, its spiny brown balls is its major drawback. These gumballs can cause injuries.

Planting the right trees can be very helpful in making your property more valuable. Consider investing in reliable tree care services to make it healthier and more beautiful.

For More information or to book an appointment with one of our South Yorkshire arborists call us today.

Tree Trimming And Pruning Myths

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Everyone loves the "tropical" feel of a palm tree. A palm tree is one of the most recognized tropical trees. A tropical tree is very different in structure from a Northern tree. A tropical tree is usually long and skinny. Most tropical trees have green leaves that seem to hang from the tree much like a person's hair. If you are landscaping your yard nothing give s a "tropical" feel like a palm tree. Many beginners are bewildered about the proper care and maintenance that a palm tree requires. What type of tropical tree should you choose?

The above question can be answered in three separate parts. One of the factors you must consider is that palm trees cold hardiness, sunlight and height requirements. For example if you live in a very cold part of the country you would not be able to plant a tropical tree outdoors because the tree would not receive enough sunlight or warm temperatures. The cold will eventually kill the tropical tree. If you live in a colder environment you may want to consider investing in a tropical tree that can be grown indoors.

There are several different types of palm trees. Some of the most popular types of palm trees are lady palm trees, Puerto Rican thatch palm trees and silver saw palmetto palm trees. Each of these types of palm trees has palmate leaves. A palmate leaf has lobes that fan out from one common point. The structure of the palmate leaf resembles an open hand. The leaves radiate from the Palm so to speak.

The other types of palm trees that are found in a tropical climate have pinnate leaves. The types of palm trees with pinnate leaves are mountain cabbage palm trees, queen palm trees and date palm trees. Now, there are certain tropical trees that can be kept indoors. Indoor tropical trees include the bamboo tree, lady palm tree and the Kentia tree.

A tropical tree tends to conjure images in ones head of sunny, bright blue skies, warm temperatures and a sandy beach. When one thinks of paradise an image of a tropical tree may appear. This is a false statement though. There are tropical trees that can grow beautifully under sunny skies or partial to full shade.

A taller tropical tree tends to be a sun lover while a shorter tropical tree can grow in the shade. If you want to plant both types of tropical trees in your backyard you may want to plant a taller tropical tree next to a shorter tropical tree. This way the taller tropical tree will provide adequate shade for the shorter tree.

A tropical tree is a symbol that we all recognize. Many of us who have fond memories of the Pacific Ocean remember the tall, skinny tropical trees that dotted the landscape. A tropical tree is a remembrance of warm weather, fun in the sun and a hint of paradise. A tropical tree is a great landscaping idea, outdoors and indoors, no matter where you live. Bring paradise to your home even in the winter months.

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