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Bramley Commercial Tree Contractors​

Regardless of whether you’re a personal landowner with a modest plot of land that you require cleared or a builder who has a significant plot of land that you require cleared for a new construction job our tree service contractors are able to provide a comprehensive site clearance service for you.

Our team have been undertaking a wide spectrum of site clearance obligations across Bramley for many years and have a wealth of expertise. Our extensive series of plant & machinery enables us to undertake any project from small personal customers to large scale commercial arrangements.

Our specialist machines like shredder, flail, mulcher, tub grinders and stump grinder are used for safety, efficiency and speed, and also expert trimming and tree removal is carried out by our expert tree surgeons who are knowledgable in site clearance in tight spots.

Land Clearance And Tree Clearance

Our staff have worked alongside a large variety of customers who need land clearance & tree clearance services. Everything from residential properties who may have to clear their land for a construction project, such as a new driveway or want their garden cleared to large scale professional deals like land clearing for leisure centres, golf clubs, shopping centres, building developers etc. Whatever your land clearing or tree clearing requirements you can depend on our team for dependability, safety and reliable machines for the task at hand.

Tree Protection Orders (TPO’s) And Tree Conservation Orders

In the UK a number of trees are protected. Trees with a trunk diameter upwards of 75mm and a trunk height of 1.5 metres are more than likely to be included within the extensive conservation area cover. Trees will have to be checked to see whether or not they are subject to a Tree Preservation Order (TPO) or if the tree(s) lie within a Conservation Area by getting in touch with your local authority before scheduling any job. Our staff can assist you with the checks and applications for work. Our crew are all fully qualified to CSCS, (Construction Skills Certification Scheme) and NPTC (National Proficiency Test Council) plus always comply fully with LOLER, PUWER, RIDDOR and COSH regulations. They are also equipped to promptly and properly take down trees of any size. Our site clearance solutions include:

  • Removing shrubs
  • Tree removal and tree felling Stump removal
  • Green waste removal
  • Woodland monitoring
  • Liaising with local authorities

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Need A Tree Disassembling Or Felling

The tree surgeons who work with us are experts in the accurate taking down of cumbersome, dangerous and big trees within restricted places. They’ve felled trees in difficult places and are adept at manoeuvring through tight spaces.

A range of tree removal procedures may be utilised including the use of cranes, specialist winch operations, directional felling or sectional dismantling. The technique used will largely depend on the amount of space available.

Tree Felling

This is where the tree’s base is cut and then the tree falls in a controlled way. This technique is only used when the risk that the tree could cause injury to anyone or damage property is very low. This technique is not always possible for large trees, as it takes a lot of space for them to fall.

Tree Dismantling

This is useful to avoid any damage to property or persons, in areas where there is not a lot of space. It takes a lot of skill to cut down trees in sections. Beginning at the top, the tree is cut into manageable pieces. Finally, it’s lowered safely to the ground using lowering ropes or slings. Sometimes, a crane is used.

The tree surgeons that we work with have the ability to navigate through tight spaces and can safely remove trees from your garden using the most recent rigging techniques.

They use ropes, slings and wedges to help the tree fall in the right direction.

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tree contractors Bramley
Bramley tree disassembling

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Storm Damage Tree Removal

If you have and fallen trees or any damaged trees from a storm or lightning, you should call a qualified tree surgeon. Because of the many objects and live power lines that may be underneath or around a tree it is dangerous for untrained people to attempt to approach them. Tree surgeons are highly skilled and have the experience to properly remove any tree damage.

Dealing With Trees Damaged In A Storm

Though they are generally considered as being strong and everlasting, trees can easily come to be defenceless in adverse weather such as storms & strong winds. Violent storms and extreme winds have been seen to annihilate trees and tear even the healthiest and sturdiest trees from the ground, sending them plunging to the earth, or onto neighbours’ gardens, power lines, vehicles, and buildings.

How many times shortly after a storm have you heard of storm-damaged trees & dislodged branches blocking the road or damaging property. Apart from the danger and inconvenience it additionally can cause expensive renovations.

The most difficult decision following a windstorm is not specifically how to get rid of the trees that have definitely fallen down, that is fairly easy. The tougher possibility is whether or not some of the trees remaining standing are salvageable.

Various trees that have been moderately injured in the windstorm might pose a potential future hazard and might need to be disassembled and disposed of to avoid putting property and people at risk in many months or years to come.

Other trees maybe preserved by being pruned back, with their most damaged parts being ‘amputated’ exactly like how an operating surgeon may remove a gangrenous leg. Some other might require to be staked down with guy cables or supported with other supports until they are able to re-develop the root system they have to have to stand on their own.

If a windstorm has caused trees to fall on buildings, our tree contractors can be trusted to remove the broken trees quickly, efficiently and safely to allow the building companies access to the building to begin maintenance and repairs on the affected properties and power cables.

Various Kinds Of Storm Damage

Every one of these kinds of problem creates an unique diagnosis for the trees’ future survival, but forming a prognosis is a job best entrusted to a fully qualified arborist. An unqualified amateur is much more liable to fail to notice a small detail that may well differentiate one decision from another, such as noticing the splinters from a crown twist but failing to see the slight lean which indicates that the roots also failed.

There are basically 6 sorts of storm damage which a tree can not typically endure:

  • Blowovers – these are where the entire tree comes down.
  • Stem Failures – this is where the trunk of the tree breaks above the earth, causing the trees crown to come down or bend violently while the bottom section remains standing normally.
  • Root Failures – is when the root systems of the tree snap below the earth, leading to the tree bending or swaying dramatically.
  • Branch Failures – is where several branches of the tree fall off.
  • Crown Twists – is when the trunk of the tree turns enough to splinter, but stays up. This occurs most often on trees with extremely unbalanced crowns. The entire crown effectively ends up being a weathervane in a windstorm, twisting to follow the wind in a way that the trunk can’t.
  • Lightening Strikes – When lightening strikes the tree gets burned and electrocuted, but stays up, for now. Lightening hits have a number of additional effects like massive water loss and opening a large amount of surface area up to pests and vermin, so a lightening-hit tree is typically at a very much higher risk to fall even if it made it through the initial windstorm.

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Preserving Storm Damaged Trees

Our tree contractors will not only remove fallen trees properly and without any additional damage to buildings, but will also be able to give you practical suggestions on how to save or preserve existing trees that are still left standing, although they may well have been broken in the windstorm. Our highly experienced crew can assess the scenario on your property and advise you which trees have sustained more than enough damage that they would die whether or not they were properly raised and replanted.

24-Hour Emergency Tree Removal Call Out Services

If you find your self in need of a local 24-hour emergency tree surgeon then our professional tree surgeons will definitely be on site at the earliest possibility to examine the problem and inform you of all remedial solutions provided.

If our team can not immediately remove the tree, we’ll at least restore a reasonable level of accessibility and return at the earliest possibility to perform a safe & complete removal of the fallen tree. Our emergency tree removal services are additionally appropriate for any accidents like traffic accidents. We can additionally inspect the surrounding trees for any unknown damages and dismantle and remove the affected tree if needed.

Tree Removal Service Bramley

Even on the floor, tree surgery calls for experience & technical skill, it is a lot more complicated than just simply taking a chainsaw to a tree. Without any applicable equipment, competence and experience, you should never have a go at tree surgery. If the tree fell because of damages, there can be further possible dangers of other failing branches. Certainly never risk your own personal basic safety to remove a fallen branch, contact your local Bramley tree surgeon professionals.
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For more information on Bramley residential or commercial tree removal, contact us today